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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Jose Goncalves' mission is to provide personalized, high-quality obstetrical, gynecological, and gynecological surgical care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  He provides an electronic medical record based (with ereferral capability through Med Access), full-service, Obstetrical and Gynecology practice while working with patients to maintain and improve their health and provide patient centered solutions to their health care problems or concerns.  


Annelien Voges

Medical Office Assistant

Our Medical Office Assistants

Annelien is a new addition to our team since August 2018. She is a new Medical Office Assistant gaining experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

Annelien is friendly and always willing to help out where patient's needs are concerned. 



Fatima Goncalves

Medical Office Assistant

Fatima Goncalves is an RN with over 25 years experience who provides nursing backup for the office when required.  She loves providing patient education, patient advocation,  and is dedicated to improving the quality of patient's lives.  She does the payroll and financial details to keep the office running smoothly.  She also works at Penticton Regional Hospital in the Presurgical Screening Clinic providing education and making sure that all is safe for patients to have surgery. 


Joanne Hordesky

Rest in Peace

Joanne  worked at this clinic for many years.   She had over 16 years experience of Office MOA Administration experience. She also had a psychiatric nursing background.  She tried to make patients feel at ease as well as making every attempt to accommodate patient's needs with respect to appointment availability.   She retired, but came back part time to help out as she enjoys the patient contact and we missed her!  We will miss her sense of humor and wit. 

She was great at giving patient's support when needed during exams and was a "great hand holder!"  We tried to make our surroundings comfortable and relaxing;  Joanne's lovely smile, pleasant personality, and demeanour helped considerably.  She is dearly missed!

Smiles and hugs are free, no need to ask!

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